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Technology & Software Development

Servizio & SharePoint Cloud Systems

We understand your IT Needs

Because we develop software, we know and understand business from an I.T. sector and software development perspective.

This allows us to develop and deliver the Servizio and Sharepoint systems you need to support your IT development projects and business in general.

set up

Systems Development & Maintenance

Streamline the development process with sector-specific features

Our code change control forms and advanced bug tracking module helps you enhance your development process and gives you a clear view on the status of each task.

Track resources and performance with an interactive visual interface

A simple-to-use support tracking system to keep on top of all bugs and support enquiries:

  • React fast.
  • Manage everything in one place.
  • Assign resources.
  • Create sub-tasks and estimate costs within seconds.
  • Automatically generate emails to keep everyone informed.
project management

Project & Programme Management

Manage multiple projects from a single intuitive system

Servizio’s?Project & Programme Management?functions give you all the project office tools you need, so you can manage everything with ease.

Log time against project tasks with mobile-friendly timesheets

The mobile-ready timesheet features of Servizio come fully integrated with other system features such as project/support tasks, activity logs and invoicing.

multi platform

Collaborative & Mobile Working

Access your system from any internet-enabled device.

Because Servizio systems are hosted on the cloud, you can access and make changes to your system from anywhere, at any time. Ideal for client presentations and showing project progress.

Boost client satisfaction through selective access.

You can even get your clients involved in the project process by opening up selective access to your system, allowing them to see project progress, making them feel more involved and building confidence in your business.


Horizontal Business Integration

Manage all aspects of your business from a single system.

Servizio and Sharepoint, with their multiple features, modular design, and customisable structure, allow us to build full business software suites that are ideal for IT companies.

From HR to project management, financial planning to bug tracking – it’s the complete integrated solution in a clear, easy to use system.

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