Bespoke Software Development

Creating Unique Solutions for Unique Businesses

  • Unique Software for Unique BusinessesOne size software does not fit all and can leave frustrating gaps in functionality
  • Bespoke ProcessesYou have your way of doing things and systems need to reflect that
  • Plug GapsBespoke software helps to plug gaps in IT/systems architecture
  • Maximise IT InvestmentsAvoid wholesale replacement of mainstream systems

Bespoke Software Development in Action: Tailored Solutions

Almost all our clients come to us because they are seeking something tailored to their specific needs. Whether as a result of us working with them on their corporate data strategy and identifying gaps for a new management information system, or because they have scoured the market and cannot find a solution that meets their brief 100%, they all have unique processes that require a unique solution.

From fund management solutions for major international organisations like Sightsavers and fatalities analysis software for the RNLI, to workforce management and a pay and personnel portal for Hall Hunter Partnership/ The Summer Berry Company, we have developed numerous solutions to answer very specific needs. Each of these examples are multi-million-pound companies with significant resources at their disposal and could, in theory, afford to enter the software market at any level in order to find an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution. But each were unable to find exactly what they needed and have instead turned to us to develop a bespoke solution that not only answered the full remit of their initial requirements but has, in every instance, allowed them to expand their brief and/or add on subsequent functionality as their business or demands have changed.


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Analysis, Development and Support Under One Roof

At Intouch Business, we connect people with information. We’ve developed entire systems, single integrations, data analysis tools and even our own suite of third sector software applications – Progrant. Our highly experienced team offers the business analysis, development, support and maintenance skills required to create your bespoke solutions. By partnering with Intouch, you will also benefit from working with an organisation that can react to change and which has built a bank of reusable components, increasing the speed of deployment of new systems and benefitting from using tried and tested code.

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