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Meet The Team

Senior partners Phil Selley and Gareth Webb formed Intouch Business in 2007 after successful careers in oil & gas and systems consulting. We take a refreshing approach at Intouch Business; helping organisations realise successful change by implementing agile cloud-based information management systems.

The wider Intouch Business team is comprised of business analysts whose role is to understand your company culture, processes and demands. They are supported by a friendly group of project managers and software developers who take this knowledge and turn it into highly usable, rapidly deployed and cost-effective software solutions.

Scroll down to learn more about each of our talented team members:

Phil Selley - Senior Partner

Phil is a well-travelled individual who, after graduating alongside Gareth, embarked on a 25 year career in navigation and then fleet operations for maritime oil and gas exploration.

He helped push the technological boundaries to transform operations to the incredible engineering and real-time analysis systems that are used today.

Phil brings a strong user-side experience of deploying technology innovations in operations and making them work. He has an in-depth knowledge of business process development and has held critical business management positions that require sophisticated project, knowledge, information and change management skills. Phil also works directly with clients as a part-time CIO if needed!

He’s often involved with elaborate DIY projects at home and in the garden, but is also an avid photographer who spends lots of his spare time not travelling anymore.

Gareth Webb - Senior Partner

With over 25 years of experience in developing and managing business & safety critical software systems, Gareth likes bridging the gap between boardroom strategy and project programme delivery.

As a consultant, he’s worked on some of the largest and most sensitive software systems as prime contractor project manager, customer-side adviser and funding bank representative.

Gareth was a key figure in many major engineering projects across a wide spread of industries – including PFI, government, defence, rail and energy. Despite all this, he says he’s most proud of Intouch’s success with Sightsavers in helping them deliver more to their beneficiaries around the world.

Gareth is a passionate Welsh rugby fan and spends lots of his spare time drumming up sponsorship for Chichester Rugby Club and acting as chief beer taster. He also enjoys messing about in sailing boats and playing racquet sports.

Fiona Shaw - Lead Project Manager

Fiona is an experienced IT project manager with a strong technical background who has been successfully designing and delivering software systems for over 25 years across a number of market sectors including the emergency services and government.

A software engineering graduate she has worked across all areas of IT from developer, consultant, analyst to project manager; she fosters close relationships with customers and has a track record of understanding the problem and delivering the right solution leading to long term relationships.

Passionate about working with clients who make a difference to the world and helping them achieve that.

Outside of work loves running, live music especially rock festivals, cooking and her dog!

Mark Selley - Technical Lead

Mark graduated from the University of Leeds in 2010 with a BSc in Physics. During his time at Uni, he also helped Intouch put the initial Servizio framework together. He’s since worked as a developer in the north-east of the UK, but 2014 saw him return once again to develop systems for Intouch!

Mark spends time researching and integrating new technologies into current Servizio systems and those in development. With extensive autodidactic experience of C#, .NET, JQuery, AJAX, Telerik and Visual Studio, his analysis and development has seriously optimised Servizio system performance.

Mark likes to get out and about with a pack on his back to travel the world. Sometimes he likes to clip skis onto his feet too and hurtle down mountains at breakneck speed. Talking of speed, he’s also a massive Formula 1 fan

Harry McAlpine - Senior Software Developer

Harry graduated from the University of the West of England in 2018 with a BSc in Games Technology and joined Intouch soon after, as well as previously completing a nine-month placement at Intouch.

He has experience in C#, .NET and SQL as well as Low Level C++ and Games Programming. Outside of work he enjoys designing and playing games at a high level, playing guitar and cooking.

Gopi Krishna - Senior Software Developer

Gopi has over twelve years of experience in .NET, SharePoint, Data Warehousing, SQL and Oracle along with his BSc in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

He’s a great problem solver, and has been at the forefront of development for the Servizio framework. He is also involved with analysis, design, development and support for other projects and systems too, with a strong focus on data through his knowledge of MySQL and SQL Server.

Gopi enjoys brushing up on his tech knowledge through I.T. blogs, as well as listening to and watching music videos. He’s also a keen chess player!

Claire Tristram - Senior Software Tester

Claire has 14 years of testing experience, gained across multiple industries such as Finance, telecommunications and automotive.

In her spare time, Claire can be found on the tennis court.


Colin Heyes - Principal Consultant

Accomplished client engagement and information technology professional with successful track record of designing and delivering digital programmes across several market sectors including the third sector and the emergency services. Specialist in: building long-term, fruitful partnerships, creating new digital value propositions; designing innovative digital services.

Trust and passion are at the heart of what Colin does. Building trust with clients and colleagues provides the platform for his success. Having a passion to improve real world outcomes drives Colin towards that success, eg supporting the third sector and the emergency services to make people feel safer and more secure.