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  • Research and AnalysisDrill down on stored data to tell the bigger story
  • Trends and PatternsIdentify and understand short and long-term flow of stats
  • Develop Strategic TargetsUse baseline data to create focused corporate objectives
  • Focus EffortUse data to maximise workforce efficiency

Data Analysis: Helping to Save Lives with the RNLI

The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea. It provides a world-leading modern emergency service, separate from the coastguard and independent from government. The RNLI relies almost entirely on donations for its funding and so its ability to demonstrate its value and keep an accurate record of the demand that drives it and the successes that proves its value is an important part of the annual reporting.

The RNLI identified that there was no single reliable source of data in the UK showing all deaths as a result of drowning. As such a fundamental part of its work is based on reducing this figure, and also being one of the key recorders of such information, a project was established to pull together all the various sources of data to create a single fatalities dataset for the UK. We were appointed to help develop the data analysis tool combining coroners reports, news reports, anecdotal evidence and actual data captures from the RNLI call out database and then resolving out duplicates to create a drillable, definitive and comprehensive database. No single, off-the-shelf solution was able to manage this process nor provide the reporting structure that sits behind, proving the value of investing in a bespoke data analysis solution.

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At Intouch we connect people with information, and we do this by first understanding exactly what the required outcome or output is. By understanding what the corporate objective is, we can then map the process back to the point of data collation, identifying where internal data is currently available and where this needs to be supplemented by additional, internal or external sources.

Over the years we have built a team of data analysts and developers that can work together with your team to put in place the structure, systems and processes that allow you to maximise the potential of your data. Not only can we help you create a corporate data strategy, but our highly skilled team can help develop software applications and provide ongoing support to ensure you have a robust and intuitive set of data analysis tools.

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