Management Information Systems

Business Intelligence for Informed Decision Making

  • Connect Disparate SystemsDrive added value from existing investment in data apps
  • Remove Data SilosBuild bridges, connecting data and teams
  • Enterprise Wide ReportingMerge financial, operational and performance data
  • Ad-Hoc QueriesManage one-off queries with ease via a single interface
  • Scheduled ReportingCreate and automate the production of regular reports
  • Remove Complex ProgrammingPut reporting power into the hands of analysts

Business Intelligence in Action: The Third Sector

When we claim that most organisations lack an over arching management information system, it is based on our work with numerous not-for-profit, third sector businesses and global NGOs. Whilst the scale and volume of data and systems may vary, the demand for better management information systems is omni present. We have worked with Sightsavers, The RNLI, IPPF and, most recently, the National Lottery Heritage Fund to help them drive value from their data, monitor organisational health and respond to external demands for information. All have invested heavily in their systems architecture but craved the ability to understand exactly how they could make more use of their data and enable true interrogation of it.

Rather than buying in expensive generic management information systems, which would not wholly address their needs, we worked with each to create a tailored data warehouse, utilising the power of SQL overlaid with Microsoft Power BI as the front-end enquiry tool.

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Management Information Specialists

At Intouch Business, we have the teams, knowledge and expertise to manage the entire process behind the creation of intuitive and powerful management information systems. From carrying out the initial data strategy analysis, to developing the integration with existing systems and interrogating the data to create the reports and enquiries that will deliver value to your organisation, we can help.

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