Crown Prosecution Service: AutoRota

The Client

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is an important UK government department, responsible for prosecuting criminal cases investigated by the police and other investigating bodies throughout England and Wales.

Their Challenge

The CPS employs hundreds of lawyers, who collectively work a 24 hour shift pattern throughout England and Wales.

The lawyers dictate their time and shift preferences for working hours and so the staff who devised the month’s rotas had to take their individual exemptions into account when putting it together. On top of this, they also had to consider the working time directive and their absence too (which as organised manually along with shift swaps).

All of this meant that a single month’s rota would take up to three weeks to be organised and finalised!

Our Solution

We developed Servizio’s Automatic Rota generation tool, which creates a rota in a matter of minutes – compliant to the working time directive, the CPS’s business rules, and the personal preferences of lawyers.

It takes all of the individual lawyers’ preferences and exceptions into account, so they can easily request absence or overtime and swap shifts with each other from a single, centralised, and highly secure system.

The Benefits

Automating the rota creation significantly minimises the potential for human error, and saves large amounts of time and resources.

It has enhanced the flexibility of their workforce, a perk that leads to higher productivity through job satisfaction. With many processes streamlined, the CPS can conduct operations with greater efficiency and have since become a more agile and future-proofed organisation.