The Summer Berry Company: Payslip Management

The Client

The Summer Berry Company is a leading producer of berries in the UK. They employ thousands of seasonal workers from overseas each year, on a number of farms across the South of England.

Their Challenge

The Summer Berry Company spent a lot of time and resources printing and distributing payslips for all of their workers. This became a big administrative process, particularly as the business grew over time. Moreover, the nature of the paper-based system meant that it became hard to keep track of all of the seasonal payslips, for workers and for the firm.

This was a problem for The Summer Berry Company as they were unnecessarily using up resources through a time-consuming manual process. Having successfully worked with team at The Summer Berry Company on their Workforce Management project, we were asked to again assist in finding a solution.

Our Solution

Our solution was to create an online pay information system, including four weeks’ worth of payslips, an earnings report based on tasks and holiday pay over the four-week period and all pay and employment related documents available for download.

These were accessible on mobile platforms too, which is important for a business with a large mobile workforce.

Using our Payslip system, employees are also able to change their personal details, improving interaction between field based teams and the central HR and operations function.

The Benefits

The Summer Berry Company no longer have to print and distribute payslips to their workers, saving time and resources.

The ability to update worker details makes it easier for the business to contact employees if and when necessary.

Employees have a clear view of their pay over a period of four weeks while the ability to view their relevant documents online avoids any issues with the management of volumes of paper. Efficiency across the pay system has subsequently been improved by our Payslip project