World Nuclear Association: Sooth

The Client

The World Nuclear Association is a not-for-profit membership organisation for the nuclear industry, and is responsible for providing information for all involved and interested in their field.

Their Challenge

The World Nuclear Association (WNA) has a huge membership of organisations and individuals associated with the nuclear industry across the world.

They often organise symposiums and other events for their members, but event set-up and membership management was all done through spread sheets and disconnected manual processes.

Our Solution

We constructed a system that let them quickly set up events, which could be signed up to and paid for through their website, via forms that automatically matched their website style.

The system would then capture and store everyone’s information for CRM purposes.

Once the basic Event Manager system was set up, we were approached by WNA to add functionality which would enable them to track leads, quotations and payments for its members. This resulted in a unique piece of membership management software.

The Benefits

The system centralised all their HR information, greatly reducing the issue of duplicate data.

It streamlined WNA’s operations, allowing them to become much more fluid and agile.

The powerful CRM features enabled them to boost registrations, increasing their event success and size which helped them grow considerably.

It let potential members and event registrants enjoy a seamless experience, which reflected positively on WNA as an organisation.