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Making SharePoint Work For You

Microsoft SharePoint is designed to be configured to suit your business, and then to integrate seamlessly with the Microsoft Office software suite.

SharePoint Expertise

The Intouch Team are fully qualified and expert at indentifying just how best to adapt SharePoint for your particular business and organisation’s needs.

  • Streamline your business
  • Make information management more efficient
  • Provide a more effective office experience for your staff

Take Away The Limits

More importantly, we can help you harness the full potential of SharePoint using our own Servizio framework. SharePoint lets us create “web parts”, which act as a window into another system or site. Using this feature, we can rapidly build new custom components to carry out more complex tasks that will make your SharePoint even more effective.


Programme Portal

Use SharePoint with our Programme Portal system to manage your projects on a global scale

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Balanced Scorecard

Use SharePoint with our Balanced Scorecard system to monitor your firm’s performance, using our visual dashboard to visually picture sector data against target.

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How Intouch and Servizio can help

set up


System Setup, with Expertise

Our SharePoint-accredited developers can help you make the most of your SharePoint experience. If you have your eye on SharePoint – or if you already have it and you’re not quite sure what to do with it yet – you’ve come to the right people.




Complexity, made Simple

While the capabilities of SharePoint are undoubtedly great, there are plenty of things you might wish it did on top – or perhaps even things you wish it didn’t.

That’s where Servizio comes in. Our web parts can perform fantastic functional feats, turning SharePoint’s flat site system into an enterprise-level information powerhouse. What’s more, our web parts integrate completely with the SharePoint interface, so your staff will enjoy a seamless experience and be none-the-wiser.




Flexible & Futureproof

Servizio and SharePoint are both highly flexible frameworks. If you have an existing Servizio application and you want to integrate it with SharePoint later, we will do this for you. Equally, if you have SharePoint and you want to add a Servizio application, we will bring them together seamlessly.




Healthy Return on Investment

Our aim is to ensure every project delivers a healthy return on your investment, and this is where Servizio comes into its own. Utilising or adding functionality within SharePoint itself can be a lengthy, laborious and expensive process. By using Servizio web parts to do the same job, we can achieve the same results while saving you time and money.


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