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Servizio eProcurement

Integrated Procurement Portal

The Servizio Web-Portal Procurement Solution

Already used by over 100 organisations, this solution is aimed at large national and multinational groups – particularly those in the third sector. It uses a familiar e-shop web interface for requestors and administrators, for simple control of requisitions worldwide.

Management of Requisitions from the Field Back to HQ.

Partner organisations can use the system as a requisition hub for shared procurement savings and provides a standard list for procurement.  Servizio integrates directly into specialist back-office eProcurement systems (such as PROACTIS) to provide a highly cost-effective web front-end solution. You can even bolt on extra modules or add any bespoke functions as you see fit!


Group order requests for bulk-buy cost savings

With Servizio, you can pool all the order requests for certain products together and order them at once, resulting in bulk buy cost savings from your suppliers. It is a highly effective method of requesting and distributing goods from and to the field, which results in saved cost and time resources.

Gain greater control & visibility of purchasing operations

The system’s dashboard and reporting features give you a clear oversight of your procurement operations which can be utilised for key business decisions. The audit log creates a culture of accountability, boosting staff motivation and productivity.

Dramatically reduce running costs & administration errors

A single, centralised source of data drastically reduces the chance of incorrect information and significantly boosts agility for businesses – especially those operating on a global scale. Strict workflow validations as defined by the client ensures an accurate system that works sympathetically with existing processes.


Web-shop-like front end interface

  • Simple to use – little or no training needed
  • Lite option for use out in the field (low bandwidth areas)
  • Shipping calculation estimates

Corporate dashboard & reporting facilities

  • Drill down into your data using interactive dashboards
  • Track changes through the audit log functions
  • Gain a clear overview of your purchasing operations

Highly configurable system

  • Supports multi-currency, features self-service user permissions & admin tools
  • Maintain products & all associated details through the admin site
  • Completely hosted solution available – no new software or hardware required.

Intuitive features

  • Navigate the system with ease – repeated functionality throughout
  • Access from anywhere using our mobile-optimised cloud-based software
  • Control your data using import/export interfacing with MS Excel™

Customisable components

  • Integrate with your existing systems
  • Easily manage user roles/permissions, dropdowns and other system settings
  • Include bespoke business functions, or add Servizio modules down the line

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