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government & public sector

Government & Public Sector

Servizio & SharePoint Cloud Systems

Making Your Budgets Work harder and Go Further

One of the main challenges in the government and public sector is constantly having to do more with less. Our systems can help with that.

Servizio?and/or?SharePoint?applications provide you with the tools to streamline your organisation:

  • Replace out-dated systems and manual processes.
  • Maximise the contribution of staff, infrastructure and previous investment.
  • Control your data to improve management of operations and make good use of resources.
  • Reduce the effects of human error.



Plan & Track

Plan & Track 

Overcome financial challenges with intuitive planning tools

Servizio’s?Project & Programme Management?makes the project creation and management process both easy and consistent. It features dynamic tools that handle scheduling, timesheets and much more.


Encourage & Collaborate

Encourage & Collaborate 

Motivate staff by offering flexibility

Servizio offers a range of staff planning and management tools.

  • Offer staff the freedom and flexibility to request holiday, overtime and shift swaps from any internet-enabled device.

Get The Team Talking 

Servizio Events?can help you to set up and manage conference events and internal meetings to create the opportunities to debate matters and improve performance and productivity


Government & Public Sector

Servizio & SharePoint Cloud Systems

Improve & Perform


Servizio helps you to streamline your organisation by automating manual processes and joining existing systems together.

You then free up your resources to boost efficiency throughout your organisation


The visual dashboard and reporting features in Servizio let you look at current and historic data in a clear, concise format.

See how you have performed against your targets and goals and plan for the future with the very best information you haver available.

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