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Effectively Manage Projects with SharePoint

Managing projects is key to any business. Our Programme Portal system works with SharePoint 2013 to allow firms to manage projects on a global scale, while our system improves performance monitoring.

Within Programme Portal each project is given its own site. These sites then include the standard SharePoint features of document management, workflow actions, risks and issues as well as our additional web part for the feature; Project Data.

The Main Features of Programme Portal include:

  • Standardised document management.
  • Management of workflow actions across all projects to improve coordination and decision-making.
  • Easy monitoring of targets and performance across all projects.
  • Chart and report production.

This means there is no longer the need for the vast number of spreadsheets used to review targets – with our system quarterly reports can be produced in hours as opposed to days.

Proven Success – Sightsavers

Sightsavers have very successfully used Programme Portal, and seen a significant return on their investment in SharePoint because of the way they have been able to manage and control a wide range of projects.


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