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Balanced Scorecard

Key Performance Indicators & Reporting

Implement and Monitor Strategic Change

The Balanced Scorecard is a strategic planning and management system.  It allows businesses to:

  • Set goals and strategies.
  • Align sector objectives with the broader long term goals of the business.
  • Set Key Point Indicators (KPI’s) and Metrics.
  • Quickly and easily observe and understand actual performance against those KPI’s

Transparency and Confidence

Making these details visible to stakeholders creates transparency. This provides consumers with the confidence to purchase goods and encourages investors as they can see how well the business is performing.

This adds value to the business while helping to secure future funding.

Built on Success

Our first Balanced Scorecard project was in 2009 with Sightsavers. We developed the Strategy, Implementation and Monitoring (SIM) Card system consisting of a strategy map and scorecard.

The SIM Card system maps the charity’s long term goals and breaks them down into specific objectives that work to achieve these goals. Using the data collected by Sightsavers, the SIM Card system is able to create performance reports from the various sectors of an international charity.

Since then our SIM Card system has been updated allow the system to be viewed on mobile devices.

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