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Servizio Fund Management

Fund Planning for the Third Sector

Transform The Way Your Charity or NFP Operates

Servizio provides the information management tools needed to:

  • Plan Income and Expenditure
  • Track and Report on Fund Spending
  • Track and Manage and Project Activity
  • Consolidate Information from Diverse Projects
  • Control Restricted and Unrestricted Funds
  • Implement and Monitor Financial Targets and Goals

Putting Control and Management At The Heart Of A Charity

Put state of the art technology at the heart of a charity administration and you can ensure charitable funds are allocated and used effectively.

Servizio provides a clear and centralised view of your organisation through interactive dashboards, customisable business intelligence reports and a drastically minimised risk of incorrect data. Integrate with existing systems or add further Servizio modules and bespoke functions at any point!



Anticipate Challenges and Achieve Project Success

Benefits of Servizio for Fund Planning

Plan for Future Success

Detailed planning features enable your team to accurately monitor projects and distribute funds appropriately, including designated/earmarked funds. The system keeps track of your income and expenditure so that you can foresee future obstacles and develop a solid fiscal strategy.

Impress investors, donors and other beneficiaries

Impress Investors, Donors and Beneficiaries

With interactive graphical dashboards and business intelligence reports that you can create and customise yourself, our transparent display of financial metrics gives you a clear organisational overview which can be pivotal in securing financial backing from private donors or government funding schemes.

Minimise the potential for human error

Minimise Human Error

All actions can be set to adhere to validations and workflow as defined by you, so your system works with your existing processes.  Such a centralised data set ensures everyone is speaking the same language, reducing the risk of leaks and inaccuracy. 

Boost staff performance through accountability

Boost Staff Performance

Our software lets you track all changes made throughout the system with the audit log feature, providing accountability and encouraging diligence. Specific user role permissions mean staff members with different user roles see only what they need to, also ensuring data security.


Detailed Forcasting Tools

  • Map income & expenditure with 5 year plans including targets and overheads
  • Manage and distribute funds using rules defined by your processes
  • Handles highly complex calculations in a snap!

Clear Data Display

  • Drill down through data with graphical dashboards & customisable BI reports
  • Oversee/review progress in your organisation with detailed system snapshots
  • Remain in control of your data with MS Excel™ import/export functionality

Intuitive Features

  • Navigate the system with ease – repeated functionality throughout
  • Upload documents and help files to each page if required
  •  Access the system at any time from anywhere worldwide

Customisable Components

  • Integrate with your existing systems
  • Easily manage user roles/permissions, dropdowns and other system settings
  • Include bespoke business functions, or add Servizio modules down the line

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