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Automatic Rota Generation

Fast – Accurate – Easy

Rota Production Software to Transform Your Office:

  • Slash rota production times by over 90%.
  • Large Reductions in Related Admin Costs.
  • Cloud Based Software.
  • Manage All Shift Patterns – including 24/7 multiple shifts.
  • Fully compliant with the Working Time Directive.

Servizio will integrate with your existing systems, and you also can bolt on additional modules or bespoke functionality at any time!


Considerable time and cost savings


Time and Cost Savings

Servizio will generate complex rotas for hundreds of workers in minutes, all fully compliant with the WTD. Reduces admin staff stress and time commitment – saving you time and money,

Significant reduction of human error

Reduce Human Error 

As an automatically-generated rota uses a single source of data, there will be no duplication or missing elements.  Everyone will be placed on shifts according to the precise rules and preferences set, increasing confidence and reducing the time and stress involved in correcting errors.

Increased staff satisfaction through enabled flexibility

Greater Flexibility – Happier Staff

The system includes a shift exchange feature that allows staff to manage working arrangements between themselves. This includes shift swaps, giveaways, overtime, and absence requests.

Secure and accurate data in a centralised system

Always Available – Always Secure

Servizio is accessed through an internet browser, and can be delivered as a hosted system or reside on your own servers.

You can input HR and contract information for staff and you can link it directly with your accounting and payroll systems. This protects you from data leaks and ensures accurate pay for your staff.


Automatic Rota Generation

  • Generate complex rotas in minutes at the click of a button
  • Set global rules and enable individual preferences
  • All generated rotas are WTD-compliant

Productivity Enhancing Tools

  • Shift-exchange feature lets staff swap shifts and request absence
  • Customisable reports & dashboards help you monitor your organisation
  • SMS, email and account notifications for free/available shifts

Comprehensive HR Capabilities

  • Detailed HR information management including contract details for staff
  • Manage absence and forecast resourcing bottlenecks with easy-to-use tools
  • Create meetings, appointments and notify grouped contacts by mass email

Intuitive Features

  • Navigate the system with ease – repeated functionality throughout
  • Access from anywhere using our mobile-optimised cloud-based software
  • Control your data using import/export interfacing with MS Excel™

Customisable Components

  • Integrate with your existing systems
  • Easily manage user roles/permissions, dropdowns and other system settings
  • Include bespoke business functions, or add Servizio modules down the line

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