Case Study: Intouch Business – ClearProject

Intouch Business


intouch clear project

The Client

Intouch Business (that’s us!) is a software development and information management consulting company.

We construct and maintain many enterprise-level information management systems, for a wide range of client types.

Their Challenge

As a business, we’re responsible for running consultancy operations and systems development for our many clients – and often both at the same time!

We were using a collection of separate spreadsheets to keep track of everything, including all project planning, financial metrics, timesheets, and support/project tasks.

There were plenty of procedural disconnections and errors in the data, which was slowing progress towards our goals.


Our Solution

We had been working on a project management system for a while, but finally rolled out the alpha version for Intouch operations in the summer of 2013.

The system, ‘ClearProject’, connected and centralised all processes and data with strict validations, to ensure accurate information throughout.

The Benefits

Since we have started using ClearProject it has become the basis of all our operations; we run most if not all of our business processes through it. We have seen vast improvements both in our response speed and in efficiency of project delivery.

Because we are using a system that we ourselves have developed, it has helped us to understand our products from the POV of our clients. Usability across all of our systems has increased as a result.