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Industry & Manufacturing

Servizio & SharePoint Cloud Systems

Adaptable Solutions for Diverse Needs

Manufacturing is a huge and diverse industry. As such, it’s hard to find a standard software solution that fits each organisation’s unique requirements.

That’s where our ServizioandSharePointsolutions come in:

  • Highly adaptable software that tailors to fit the way your organisation works.
  • Bespoke or standard software solutions.
  • Wide experience across varied industries.
  • Boost productivity levels and increase revenue.

Sales & Order Management

Our order/sales management module is the ideal tool to:

  • Create, manage and distribute quotations, orders and invoices with ease and confidence.
  • Improve interactions with customers using advanced CRM functions.
rota management

Project & Programme Management

Servizio’s Project & Programme Management capabilities offer all the tools you need for the project office. With a wealth of useful features including dynamic timesheets, interactive dashboards and an intuitive Gantt chart, Servizio gives you total control of your projects and data:


  • Implement large scale projects with simple and effective tools.
  • Highlight risks and negate issues before they can affect you.




Process Streamlining

Integrate Servizio with industry-specific software 

As the manufacturing industry is so diverse, so are the software packages used by those in each sector – and many of those systems don’t communicate with each other.

Servizio will:

    • Integrate with these systems.
    • Join up your data and connect your varied databases.
    • Provide a single and centralised data source.
    • Plug data leaks and ensure your information is accurate.
    • Display metrics through interactive drill-down dashboards and BI reporting.
workforce management

HR & Workforce Management

Generate 24hr shift rotas with flexibility-enhancing tools

Using our automatic rota generation tool, you can:

  • Create complex 24-hour shift staff rotas that are fully compliant with the UK government’s Working Time Directive.
  • Offer staff the ability to request absence or overtime and swap or give away shifts.
  • Create a culture of flexible working that boosts job satisfaction and results in improved productivity.

Keep track of all HR aspects 

Servizio offers comprehensive workforce management tools including:

  • Contractual information control.
  • Absence monitoring and management.
  • Timesheet tracking.

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