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Servizio Project Office Management Tools

Take Control of Your Project Office.

A refreshing change from the usual project management software, Servizio integrates every aspect of the project office in a single and centralised format.

Rapidly construct complex projects, log task effort using integrated timesheets and clearly visualise your performance at any time, from anywhere.

What’s more – Servizio can integrate with your existing systems and you can add extra modules or bespoke functions whenever it suits you!

Makes your data clear and manageable, boosting operational efficiency.


Increase your capacity to take on new projects

Our intuitive project builder lets you rapidly put projects together to a high and consistent quality. With a streamlined planning process, you can take on a larger volume of projects, increasing your revenue and stimulating growth.

Boost business agility and modernise operations

Our system automates manual processes and removes the need for spreadsheets and paper based systems. Your data is secure, centralised and navigable. This includes HR information, contact details and all project data.

Prevent resourcing bottlenecks and monitor scope creep

Graphical task scheduling for workforce resources and interactive dashboards give you visibility of operations including progress and task urgency. This helps you anticipate and react to challenges before they become a problem.

Improve client & staff satisfaction through collaboration

Staff can access the system remotely to make changes, view project progress and log time using integrated timesheet features (available on mobile) giving them the flexibility to work from anywhere at any time.

You can even open select functions for clients, such as dashboard and discussion features. Direct collaboration can improve client relations and boost their confidence in your business.


Dashboards & Reports

  • Create custom reports with comprehensive tools
  • Drill down into your data using interactive dashboards
  • Track changes through the audit log & field change history

Project Tools

  • Visualise your project with an easy-to-use Gantt chart
  • Simple project set-up using your own defined templates
  • Log time against project tasks from anywhere via integrated timesheets

HR & eMarketing

  • Detailed contact management for clients, leads and staff
  • Manage staff absence and forecast resourcing with advanced HR functions
  • Target information & marketing campaigns at contact groups with mass email

Intuitive Features

  • Navigate the system with ease – repeated functionality throughout
  • Upload documents and help files to each page if required
  • Control your data using import/export interfacing with MS Excel™

Customisable Components

  • Integrate with your existing systems
  • Easily manage user roles/permissions, dropdowns and other system settings
  • Include bespoke business functions, or add Servizio modules down the line

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