What is ProGrant?

ProGrant is an easily deployed, cloud-based grant management software application for managing funds, large programmes and global scale projects. Originally designed in conjunction with a major charity, ProGrant is now used by a growing number of NGOs and International Charities.

ProGrant has been built around four key principles of Visibility, Traceability, Connectivity and Reporting – the pillars to successful financial management for any grant funded body receiving institutional funds to deliver its work.

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Key Features & Benefits

            1. Grant Management – Help attract more funds by delivering visibility and transparency across your organisation
            2. Tailored Donor Reporting – Be responsive to donor requests with drillable, top-to-bottom reporting and forensic level transaction detail
            3. Dashboards – Drive strategic decision making with at-a-glance performance Vs target dashboards
            4. Project and Programme Management – Make processes more efficient, standardise cycles and increase productivity
            5. Procurement, Spend and Cashflow Control – Maximise value for money with combined purchasing power across projects, programmes or through JVs
            6. Budgeting and Payments – Collaborative ‘roll up’ budgeting by project, programme, region and/or country
            7. Easily Configured Reporting – Deliver evidence backed analysis of the benefit each £ pound can provide
            8. Fully Integrated – Remove data silos by connecting ProGrant with ERP, P2P, HR and other internal systems

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