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Customisation & Integration

  • Can Servizio integrate with my existing systems?
    It certainly can. This is exactly what we aim for. When you set out your requirements at the start of the planning process, we look at how Servizio can integrate with the current I.T. systems and business processes you have in place, so that the transition to using Servizio is as smooth as possible.
  • Can I customise the look & feel of my Servizio system?

    During the planning process, you dictate how you want your Servizio system to look. However, once your visual scheme is decided upon, it cannot be altered unless you wish to do so in a later phase. We don’t currently offer visual customisation on-the-fly such as ‘skins’ or ‘themes’, but this is something we could look to implement in the future.

  • To what extent can I tailor the functionality of Servizio?

    If you let us know your current business problems, we're happy to figure out a way to solve them through a Servizio system. We offer a massive variety of solutions from which you can pick and choose the most appropriate aspects – you can also add more functions down the line if you need to.


Data & Hosting

  • Where will my system be hosted?
    All Servizio systems are hosted with either of our two trusted hosting providers: Stratogen (London) or Hosted Companies (Portsmouth). Each have two geographically separated data centres with stringent security and disaster recovery measures in place to ensure that your data and the systems they are on are secure at all times.

    Further Hosting Information
  • Who owns the intellectual property of Servizio?
    The data in your Servizio system is yours and yours only. The actual code behind the system is owned by us, Intouch Business, who configure and implement Servizio solutions.

    Escrow Policy
  • Is my data going to be secure?

    Absolutely. We take security very seriously and use all methods necessary to protect your data as covered under the Data Protection Act. We back your systems up daily in case of any hardware failures - and hourly in case of any serious data mishaps at your end! We also offer tiered access to Servizio systems so that each user sees only what they need to – thus eliminating any potential data leaks.

    Further Hosting Information

  • Can I import/export data to/from my system?
    You have full control over your data in Servizio – it is your data after all. Most grids have an export function to send data to excel (or an equivalent), as well as most other formats should you so desire. Grids can also be configured so that the export functionality is only available to certain users. We do offer data import functionality as well, but you must ensure the data is in the correct format before uploading to avoid any import errors.

Licensing & Implementation

  • How are upgrades to Servizio handled?
    As per the licensing agreement, upgrades to components including the grids & filters, performance and more are included in the hosting fee and are carried out as new options become available (obviously with thorough testing first). Any further system functionality upgrades and support tasks are chargeable at standard rates. Please contact us for more information.
  • How hard is it to learn how to use Servizio?
    Like any new I.T. system Servizio will take a little getting used to, but once you have the basic functions down the rest will fall into place. Functionality is repeated throughout the system with the idea of “learn once, use many times”. We've designed the interface to be simple and intuitive, even if system functions are significantly complex.
  • Will system implementation disrupt my organisation?
    While we're configuring your system, there shouldn't be any disruption to your operations. Once your Servizio system has been configured and tested thoroughly by our team, we hand it over to you for "User Acceptance Testing" or UAT. When we roll out the live Servizio, we aim to do it at the most convenient time possible for you, to avoid significant disruption. The case is the same for any upgrades once the system is in place.
  • How much does it cost to implement Servizio?
    It really depends on how complex your requirements are and how long they take to implement. However, a Servizio solution is significantly more cost-effective than any equivalent piece of bespoke software. Our aim is for you to receive a return on your investment – so the system should end up paying for itself. As every client's business requirements differ, so do the quotes we give. Luckily our quotes are free! If you'd like to find out how much your own solution would be, then do get in touch via the contact form in the other tab.

System Information & Requirements

  • Does Servizio work on mobile devices?

    Our current systems are functional on mobile devices, but are not specifically designed for use with them. As such, a Servizio would function better on a tablet device rather than, say, a smartphone due to the larger screen size. Future systems that we develop will be built using the responsive Bootstrap framework - especially for projects involving SharePoint.

  • What are the system requirements for running Servizio?

    All you need to run Servizio is a browser, your data, an active internet connection and then you’re all set! Everything is stored on the cloud, accessible via an internet browser. If you need to access Servizio from low-bandwidth areas, we also offer a “lite” view that removes images and fancy formatting for high performance in the field.

    Supported Browsers

  • What is included in a typical Servizio package?

    Every Servizio solution is different, just as every organisation’s requirements are different. If you like, you can start off with a basic system such as Servizio CRM and bolt on further functionality as and when you require it. Please click here for the types of Servizio solutions available.

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