Mark Selley

Mark Selley
Mark Selley - Senior Software Developer

Technical Lead

Mark graduated from the University of Leeds in 2010 with a BSc in Physics. During his time at Uni, he also helped Intouch put the initial Servizio framework together. He’s since worked as a developer in the north-east of the UK, but 2014 sees him returning once again to develop systems for Intouch!

Mark spends time researching and integrating new technologies into current Servizio systems and those in development. With extensive autodidactic experience of C#, .NET, JQuery, AJAX, Telerik and Visual Studio, his analysis and development has seriously optimised Servizio system performance.

Mark likes to get out and about with a pack on his back to travel the world. Sometimes he likes to clip skis onto his feet too and hurtle down mountains at breakneck speed. Talking of speed, he’s also a massive Formula 1 fan