Case Study: Sightsavers – Fund Management Framework


Fund Management Framework

sightsavers FMF

The Client

Sightsavers are an international third sector organisation, who work tirelessly to prevent avoidable blindness and to support people with visual impairments in over thirty countries worldwide.

Their Challenge

Sightsavers were inundated with complex financial spread sheets and manual processes – a tricky business seeing as they operate in over thirty countries across the globe.

Having duplicate spread sheets often meant that the data contained errors, and trying to fix them all had become a time consuming task.

Because of our success with them in previous projects including the Standard List and Balanced Scorecard, they asked us to help out.


Our Solution

Our solution was to create the Fund Management Framework, an advanced piece of fund planning software that allows them to manage all of their financial data from a centralised and navigable system.

It lets them plan out their income and expenditure from all of their funds over a five year period, giving them the necessary financial confidence to carry out their lifesaving work.

The Benefits

No duplicate data means no time wasted on trying to fix it. Freed resources results in money saved which can instead go towards their cause.

The detailed reporting features mean they are able to view their financial data clearly, so decisions based on the data can be made in a snap and metrics can be clearly shown to trustees.